Resmed is committed to scientific ethics and integrity in all aspects of their business.

Resmed Healthcare is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company based in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Durban, South Africa. The company has been operating for 32 years, supplying both the private and public sectors with medicinal products in the form of syrups, tablets, powders, capsules syrups, and creams.

Recently Resmed's expanded to fill the huge demand for self-medicinal products in central African countries.

Resmed Healthcare opened its doors 32 years ago, the idea was simple, affordable good quality medicines for everyone.


"To help alleviate human suffering, thereby providing a better quality of life by manufacturing affordable medicines of the highest quality possible at a price acceptable to all."


 "Our vision is to be the most reputable company by stringently following the highest standards in our day to day practices."The company is actively involved, together with several universities and teaching hospitals, in helping pharmacy students obtain their goals of becoming pharmacists. In addition, the company broadens the knowledge of the pharmacy interns by exposing them to various aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing by way of in-house visits. Donating free pharmaceuticals to religious organizations that operate clinics in areas with damaging poverty statistics and touring to central African countries on outreach campaigns are but a few”

Our Forte

"Quality is a priority and the company employ the most stringent, internationally accepted quality standards!"

Resmed Healthcare endeavours to provide a stimulating environment for its employees. Great emphasis is laid on breaking down inter-departmental barriers by developing and maintaining close relations with its employees. To achieve this, the company encourages developmental programmes in relation to management.

The focus is on customer satisfaction and is sought to be deeply ingrained at every level in the organisation. At Resmed Healthcare we believe that each staff member has the potential to contribute to the success of the company.

Every employee at Resmed Healthcare is trained and moulded to be excellent and to strive for a mindset of perfection. Regular training rotations allow for all staff to be updated on industry standards as they happen, this rotation is hosted and planned by the senior staff each member shares their area of expertise to allow for easy and simple peer to peer information sharing in an informal setting. 

Resmed hosts two fully functional laboratories.  Analytical chemistry and more recently a microbiology laboratory. These facilities were built in adherence to strict guidelines that have resulted in two class leading analytical departments that ensure our products meet the highest standards before reaching our customers.

  • Quality Management

    A team of technically qualified executives in this department direct their efforts towards maintaining internationally recognised total quality management standards and submission of dossiers for registration of formulations to the relevant regulatory authorities.

  • Quality Control

    "We are committed to scientific ethics, integrity, employee empowerment and customer satisfaction!"

    A corporate policy of "Total Quality Management" lays emphasis on satisfying every need for Quality. The quality policy of Resmed Healthcare has been developed to obtain the quality objective of manufacturing medicinal products that are fit for their intended use.

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